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Friday, July 17, 2020

Friday vs. Kilforth

Someone made the following point about the value for money in choosing to buy Friday instead of Shadows of Kilforth on BGG:

Yesterday (edited) So you played 7 games that is about 9 hours and the game costs $80, that is not good value for money. Plus it meant 7x 15-20 minutes of setup, another two hours. I’d estimate that about $10/h. You can’t optimize setup further because you have 10 decks to shuffle which I don’t count as fun. In comparison Friday sets up in about 1 minute and plays last me at least an hour longer on higher difficulty levels. Cost me $15 and played 10 times that is $1/h.

Friday is the game at the top in this image, Shadows of Kilforth is beneath it: Posted,

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