Gloom of Kilforth: Blank hero template for A Touch of Evil

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blank hero template for A Touch of Evil


Anonymous said...

Good day!

1- Jason Hill said on BGG that he will be releasing the coast expansion in 2012

2- Is it possible to have your quest deck sent in Images (Arts Cow friendly) to my E-mail:

I would love to have your work in my game. My printer has issues...

You can delete this comment after and I would delete the cards on Arts Cow after...

Eric, one of your fans


Ninjadorg said...

Hey Eric, you can find the images for my investigation deck here:

If you were to adjust and upload them to artscow that's on you but unfortunately FFP will not let me do that for you. FWIW, I just print them out onto card and sleeve them and it works a treat, so I hope you fix your printer soon!



Anonymous said...

Hi there! Great work on all of your stuff for ATOE!

I was wondering if you could upload your templates (for Hero cards and for Quest cards) in Photoshop or Illustrator format ?

Ninjadorg said...

I'm sorry mate, I switch computers and I don't think I have the raw files for these anymore. :(