Gloom of Kilforth: Levelling chart for campaign rules in D&D Adventure System

Monday, February 14, 2011

Levelling chart for campaign rules in D&D Adventure System

For use with Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalaon or Legend of Drizzt:




They need more road testing and currently only go up to Level 5, but since you asked here are my current rules for campaign play:

For each level you gain +2HP, +1 AC, +1 Surge Value plus:

Level 2 = 1 new Daily

Level 3 = 1 new Utility
Level 4 = 1 new At Will
Level 5 = 1 new Daily

And the cost for levelling is:

Level 2 = 10XP (you can still level up to Level 2 using 5XP and a natural 20, but not to Level 3+)

Level 3 = 20XP
Level 4 = 30XP
Level 5 = 40XP

You'd have to make a note of XP between adventures though because the monster cards need shuffling back into the deck to restock the dungeon each time.

Also, no hero can reach a new Level until all Heroes have caught up to his current level, so you couldn't have a Level 5 hero in the same party as a Level 1 hero for example.

To scale the game to fit tougher heroes, you start drawing Monster Tokens (from Castle Ravenloft) instead of just placing one Monster when you draw a new tile:

1 creature for Hero Levels 1-2

1-2 creatures for Hero Levels 2-3
1-3 creatures for Hero Levels 3-4 (with minor villains mixed in)
2-3 creatures for Hero Levels 4-5 (with all villains mixed in)

I'll post more details once I have the campaign rules down, but further scaling - using randomised Objective tiles - will also mean that the higher level heroes will have to go further into the dungeon to win, i.e. objective tiles start getting placed further down the tile stack (12th-15th instead of 9th-12th, for example).


Eric said...

Good day friend!

Do you have a campaign system for Castle Ravenloft and other expansions?

If so, is it possible to post the rules somewhere?

Thank you so much and continue your excellent work!


Ninjadorg said...

Hello Sir!

Yes, we do have a basic campaign system for Castle Ravenloft! But since Wrath of Ashardalon has just landed we're going to try and amalgamate their campaign rules into our own before I post our updated system.
Thanks for your kind words and you'll be the first to know when I have an update!


Malthius said...

Hi there, just want to say first off; great work on all the extensions you've contributed to this series of games!

I've just recently picked up WOA and I'm really enjoying it, and wanted to know if you've posted your leveling campaign rules since your last reply.

Thanks again!

Ninjadorg said...

Hello mate,

Since you asked, I've updated the rules for campaign play we're currently using into the post above. :)

Malthius said...

Awesome! I'll be using these rules in my own games.

Ninjadorg said...

Excellent - hope you enjoy them as much as we do! If you get into it, the treasure tokens rules from WOA are essential; and the Castle Ravenloft Chamber cards and between adventure Event decks for WOA and CR (all available here on my blog) will be invaluable for you too...

Eirikre said...

This is great. I am really impressed with all the great mods and extensions you have created for this game system. Might I suggest that for the reverse side of the Leveling chart you could track the powers chosen for each level?
Keep it up. I look forward to reaping the rewards of your hard work.

Ninjadorg said...

Thanks for your comments, and yep, they could do with an overhaul to record all the necessary details. Let me get back to you on that...

Ninjadorg said...

Okay, since according to Peter Lee's campaign rules you can change your powers between adventures anyway, I've updated the levelling chart to show the benefits of levelling apart from just the stat boosts.

Ninjadorg said...

For those interested, Peter Lee's 3 adventure mini campaign can be found on the WOTC website here: