Gloom of Kilforth: A Touch of Evil Investigation card deck backs

Monday, November 08, 2010

A Touch of Evil Investigation card deck backs


Eric said...

Good day my favourite game designer add-on!

I have a few questions:

1- Do you have the investigator deck at Artscow as I will be placing an order shortly (with your Castle/Wrath campaign decks)?

2- Your Castle Ravenloft and Wrath campaign decks are on Artscow, do whe have to mount them ourselves in a card package the site is not user friendly...

3- As soon as you create your campaign rules for Castle/Wrath please let me know (your loyal fan).



Ninjadorg said...

Hello sir,

1 - sadly FFP have now asked me to remove the deck from Artscow to protect their IP, but you can print out and sleeve them still (next best thing).
2 - The D&D decks you can build yourself using Artscow, it's a bit fiddly but you just need to choose Custom Multi-purpose Cards (Rectangle). If I ever bulk up the decks to 54 cards each I'll mount the decks myself and release them "as is".
3 - Basic campaign rules are in the works, just going through some changes to take into account the new rules from Wrath. More details soon, hopefully...

Thanks for your comments matey!