Gloom of Kilforth: Fantasy Quest Hi Res Rules!!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fantasy Quest Hi Res Rules!!

First draft, please parse for spelling, grammar, formatting, errors, etc - cheers!

Embeditin has gone now so I'm not sure how to host a PDF on blogger yet, and at 30 meg BGG will not have it so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. And if you want a copy of the PDF just PM me your email address and I'll send it

Also, I'm putting together the final page which will include a thank you list. So far I have:
Sam Lawton (Mmzomba)
Dicky P (Boom04)
Chris Stanton (Toc13)
Houserule Jay (jayjonbeach)
Lestat Lioncourt (DrawingBlood)
Chris Bowler (The Duke BGG)
Mitch Willis (otha62)
Nick Hughes (jokeroz)
Sylvain Fréour (freourslc)
Trent Harrison (Leberus)
CJ Dornfried (ScorpioXtreme)
Mycroft Stout (Mycroft Stout)
Alberto Crosara (Scimmiato)
Hernan Ruiz Camauer (heruca)
Wolfram Troeder (Wolfram)
Guy Steuperaert (Baelrath)
Will (willdesigns)
Nate K (kurthl33t)
S Marstiller (marstiller)
Scrumpy Jack (SJack)
Austin Boyle (aussieb1987)
Benjamin Maier (CitizenBen)
Caleb Skye (CalebSkye) 
Chris D (No_Frets)
Jonathan Franklin (grandslam)
Chris Siple (Misfits)
Dave Daffin (Dave in Ledbury)
EnderWizard (Ender Wiggin)
Jeffery Bass (SkyGazer)
Finbikkifin Finfinfin (finbikkifin)
Jersey Dvd (jerseydvd)
Jonas Thierry (Jonas Thierry)
Keith Koleno (LostSoul27)
Michele Esmanech (Ikim) 
Ryan DeLano (Praxus)
Sean Forrester (sean4star)
Titus France (Titeman) 
Thomas Staudt (ashman) 
Tom Howard (GeckoTH)
Wade Nelson (wadenels) 
Jason Valdez (Tinypocket
Eric Downing (radioboyeric)
Mateo Jurasic (mateooo)
Peter Fuchs (Sentence)
David L (DaViD082) 

Please let me know if I missed you off for some reason!

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