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Monday, March 25, 2019

Dark Shadows Card Preview Examples

Here are some example cards from the Dark Shadows pack, with the original cards on the left for comparison.  If you find any of the Dark Shadows expansion distasteful, remember it is only an optional add-on and not required for play.  If you do happen to choose to add Dark Shadows to your pledge you can simply swap in the alternative art card, or shuffle it into its encounter deck in addition to the original version as appropriate (with Night cards you will have to choose one or the other).  There may be slight changes between the layouts or saturation of the cards below, but don't worry, that's only because I popped the images together in PhotoShop (you'll have to forgive blogspot's horrible image formatting too). 

The original Scion of Flesh below, though gorgeously disgusting, has also been carried over to join our menagerie of monsters for our upcoming pure horror board game Sublime Dark...

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