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Friday, March 18, 2011

D&D Adventure System Index - NinjaDorg's Stuff So Far..

I'm posting this in response to a few requests in case anyone else was wondering too - it might not all be of interest to you but I've posted it here anyway for the sake of unity so you can pick and choose what you want (or ignore it all completely):


NinjaDorg's Heroes 1st Batch


Geeklist of unofficial user-created Adventures

Geeklist of unofficial user-created Heroes


Event Deck for Castle Ravenloft

Event Deck for Wrath of Ashardalon

Castle Ravenloft Chamber Cards

Castle Ravenloft Treasure Items price list

Kobold Wars Adventure for Castle Ravenloft+Wrath of Ashardalon


Castle Ravenloft Scoring Rules - by Peter Lee

The Calling of the Grey Hag


Levelling chart for campaign rules in D&D Adventure System

Castle Ravenloft Villain and Power card-back templates

Castle Ravenloft Hero Power card templates

Blank Hero Card for Castle Ravenloft

Scenario Template

Editable PSD for Adventures "Kobold Wars" Template


Wrath of Ashardalon arrived – solo questing underway

NinjaDorg’s ramblings on the solo aspects of Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon

Wrath of Ash campaign play – our first run of Against the Clans!


Sully said...

Wow, thank you for compiling all this stuff in one easy to find place. I'm about to start printing off a lot of your cards, so this is a big help!

Ninjadorg said...

Yeah, no worries - it was getting to the point where I couldn't find some of my own stuff online when people were asking for it, so I thought this might be useful for others too. :)

Ninjadorg said...

EDIT - Geeklists of fanmade heroes and adventures now added too.

Ninjadorg said...

Link to editable Adventure PSD added too.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say, thankyou mate for all your hard work compiling this list, and being creative for all of us that are creative up until the point of actually designing cards :P

My group will be pleasantly surprised next session when I present them with a massive choice of heroes!

I'm play testing similar home made campaign rules but will give yours a go instead next session.

Thanks again!

Frankie said...

Is there anyway you could put this up top in its own tab / area or have a separate page where it could be bookmarked for updates etc?

Thanks and keep up the AMAZING work :0

Frankie said...

Also if you could add links to the artscow open gallery for your cards etc, that would be great. Thanks

Ninjadorg said...

Do you know how to put this up top in its own tab / area or have a separate page where it could be bookmarked for updates etc??

I'm all ears!

Will get the artscow links up as soon as they're ready, got a load more stuff on the way first...

Ninjadorg said...

And the artscow links are all up now!

Deck 1

Deck 2

Deck 3