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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fantasy Quest - A Brief Word on Enemies

A Brief Word on Enemies

No fantasy game would be complete without a menagerie of baddies that threaten the heroes’ every waking moment.  Fantasy Quest is no exception.  There are a number of ways to tackle the enemies in this world, sometimes you’ll be using Skills to dispatch them, maybe Items or Allies will help you overcome them.  But there are two main ways of overcoming the threat of an adversary that’s just turned up to ruin your day.

The following example is a classic Zombie that will have a good time munching on your ignorant bones if you let it.  Since it’s ostensibly a shuffling sack of undead sinew you might have an easier time Sneaking away from a Zombie, hence it’s low Sneak rating of one.  Professional thieves and rogues will have no trouble testing their Sneak and nipping away before it can get the jump on them.  Usually, for a Sneak check you will simply roll a number of six sided dice equal to your Sneak character’s Sneak rating.  Each 5 or 6 denotes a success or ‘hit’.  With a Sneak rating of one you will only need to roll one success to Sneak past a Zombie.  If you’re successful, the Zombie stays put and you can carry on about your business.  But you’ll have to leave your current location this turn or face having to Sneak past or Fight the Zombie again on your next turn.

Sneaking past an enemy will often be crucial to your success, but sometimes that enemy might be blocking your approach to a pertinent Place or Stranger that will help you complete your Saga (more on Sagas soon).  On these occasions you will have to Fight the beastie in question, or use a Skill, Spell, Item, etc. to dispatch your foe.

The Zombie has a fairly meagre Fight rating of one.  Which means every Fight round it will roll only one six sided die against you, trying to roll a 5 or 6 to Hit you and inflict one Wound on your hero.  At the same time you will be rolling your own Fight dice check (with dice equal tor your Fight score) to try and inflict enough Hits on the Zombie to kill it.  With 4 Wounds the Zombie is a slow but tough customer.  You may have hacked off its arms and legs but that snapping mouth is still coming after you!  You may Fight for as many rounds as you like until you either kill your Enemy or you choose to Escape (by making a Sneak check), or until the Enemy kills you – and let’s hope it’s not the latter.

You may also notice from its text that the Zombie may be automatically be defeated by the keyword 'HOLY'.  So if you happen to have a Priest or a Holy item along with you you might just be in luck...

Once you’ve defeated an Enemy you can claim its Reward.  You may either cash it in immediately for its Gold value as shown on the card (here the Zombie is worth a modest 1 Gold), or you may discard the Zombie and draw a Reward card from the Reward deck, or you may take the card into your hand or ‘Pack’ and save it for later to use one of its Keywords “Zombie, Undead, Badlands” to aid you in defeating another challenge, e.g. your Saga.

Here’s a Sneaky peak at the nasty bugger:

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