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Monday, February 06, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games [News] - An Update on Star Wars: The Card Game

Fantasy Flight Games [News] - An Update on Star Wars: The Card Game:

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In August, we announced the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Card Game, a Living Card Game® based on the original Star Wars trilogy. Today, we would like to share an update on its development.
Fantasy Flight Games’ current catalog of LCGs® offers a variety of exceptional and unique gameplay experiences, with the LCG® format among our most successful publishing categories. With this in mind, we want to make sure that Star Wars: The Card Game features a truly groundbreaking LCG® play experience.
The game we showed off at Gen Con 2011 would have been a strong addition to our LCG® catalog. However, as we were making the final touches to the product, we came to the realization that while it was a good game, it simply was not the greatest, most engaging game experience that FFG could deliver. So, we made a difficult decision and went back to the drawing board on the Star Wars: The Card Game design.
How will this affect the release date?
We are currently expecting to publish Star Wars: The Card Game worldwide just before the 2012 holidays. That said, it can be difficult to predict when the creative process will end, so this date should be taken as an estimate.
While we are disappointed that our original estimated release date will not be met, we are sure that our players would agree that our decision to delay Star Wars: The Card Game was the best one. We are absolutely confident that with the extra time this affords us, Star Wars: The Card Game will become one of FFG’s greatest products ever.


Anonymous said...

It think it took a lot of guts for them to scrap the entire game like this. I certainly hope that they will make the game a Vs. play instead of the co-op version that was being worked on.

In the end, I'm sure that this is good news as we'll be getting a great game moving forward.

Ninjadorg said...

Yeah, looks like FFG are learning from their previous Quality Control mistakes (see Mansions of Madness' Forbidden Alchemy expansion), which is good news for everyone I think.

There are rumours that they'll be including both coop and Vs. play - be interesting to see how that works out if it's true...