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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Fantasy Quest Game Layout

Here's another page from the new FQ rules version.  Any spelling and grammatical help is most appreciated!


freourslc said...

Did I missed something? It is written "another page", but I was not aware of the release of an updated version of Fantasy Quest rulebook prior to the present post.

Since I finished my work on AtomPunk and Harbinger, I am ready again to work on your project. I can handle the reading of the rulebook if needed.

Ninjadorg said...

That's excellent mate - and no, you haven't missed anything. The rules version 2.0 are being treated now. I just need to integrate all the elements brought up in the Living FAQ on BoardGameGeek without cluttering up all the info that already exists.

I've also had some very helpful pointers about the layout and order of the rules, so that's being addressed too. Once it's ready I'll post the new rulebook up here and on BGG and would absolutely love your expert feedback and critical eye!

PS. AtomPunk looks very interesting indeed...