Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd: Fantasy Quest Official Sound Track - songs now available!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fantasy Quest Official Sound Track - songs now available!

Philip Glass' Dracula was a huge influence on us and I love the elegance and simplicity of a purely piano score.  We listened to a lot of music whilst developing and play-testing Fantasy Quest and I really liked the idea of a sound track that tied directly into the story of the game because great music enhances literally everything.  With that in mind I asked Francesca if she would compose a theme that tied into the game and she went a gigantic step further and put together an entire album of brilliant piano music.

Whilst this won’t be included with the game itself it will be made available as an optional extra for those who want the full ‘Gloom of Kilforth’ experience.

And you can now download the first four tracks from Francesca's home page under "Singles" here:


For the princely sum of 40p each!  

The following track ‘Final Battle’ is one of my personal favourites, dramatic and exciting, and it’s here for your listening pleasure:


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