Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd: Branching Paths at LCGPARIS 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Branching Paths at LCGPARIS 2012

Big shout out to Michael Hatik and all the French LOTR: LCG gamers at LCGPARIS 2012 who, whilst also play-testing FFG's new scenario Foundations of Stone, also played through my own Branching Paths scenario.  More info including photos of the event can be found here:


Looks like a great time was had by all!  :)


Mika said...

Oh yeah we had great fun.
Most people really loved the similarities between Branching Path and the good old gamebooks.

And chance had it that it found an echoe in the mechanic of chapter 5 "Foundations of Stone".

Thanks again for your work !

vindoq said...

My team spent 14 turns finding one sign of gollum. We spent or frustration on a poor Nazgul, thanks for including this little stress reliever ;)

Ninjadorg said...

Hey thanks for including my scenario at your event. And yes, the old Fighting Fantasy game books were definitely an inspiration – I see the sort of ‘choose your path’ mechanic as a natural progression for the LCG. In fact I’m surprised that they only included it in just a couple of quests so far (Passage Through Mirkwood, Escape from Darkness).

It’s great that you guys had a chance to preview Foundations of Stone too...

Vindoq, it luckily sounds like you were able to find Gollum eventually. In that big encounter deck it isn’t easy, although Denethor can help you parse the lands for him. But I feel sorry for the poor Nazgul being reduced to a mere stress reliever! :)