Gloom of Kilforth: Fantasy Quest Session - slow and steady wins the race!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fantasy Quest Session - slow and steady wins the race!

Our latest session was a Cooperative game followed by a Competitive game, and I note that we’ve played more competitive games than cooperative games in play-testing so far.

I didn’t take detailed notes for this particular Cooperative game, but we sneaked a win with just one turn to go and an average of 57 Victory Points.  As for the Competitive game...

MZ randomly selected a Half Elf Wizard (male) and took the Astral Traveller skill.  This Skill had to be downgraded from its original inception to a still useful but not game breaking once per turn ability: moving diagonally.  That might not sound terrific at first, but when you’re surrounded on all orthogonal sides by tough Enemies or backed into a corner of the Map by Gloom whilst low on HP, well it can be a life-saver.  And it proved to be many times for MZ as the game progressed.

I was dealt the Dwarf Knight and decided to go the Berserker Skill route, which gave me a neat fighting ability (6s count as two hits).

Concentrating on improving my fighting abilities and taking out enemies I sauntered through the lands rarely Hiding and relying mostly on my trusty Dwarfish strength to take on all comers.  Enemies started falling by the wayside as my Saga unfolded and I began accumulating my required keywords.

Meanwhile MZ’s Astral Wizard searched out his more difficult objectives first – a strategy which would prove crucial in the later game.  Whilst I laughed at his poor, floundering Half Elf as he narrowly avoided the occasional KO, he was secretly gathering his resources and keeping his eye on his Totem the whole time.

The Gloom continued to envelop the land and as I continued killing Enemies I realised I was behind on my Saga quite substantially.  As the endgame approached I switched focus and went after the rarer spells and quests that are trickier for a Dwarven Knight to resolve.  But I hadn’t left myself enough time.

The Half Elf Wizard was on a mission and his goal was none less than the assassination of a leading political figure in the realm.  Sure enough MZ inexorably put together his Saga and told it with glee whilst my Dwarf got lost in a Deep Cave searching desperately for lost treasures.

Completing his Saga the Astral Wizard put the killing blow to his nemesis and caused an Uprising (his Totem).  The ensuing chaos that engulfed the land enabled his Wizard to slip away unnoticed and level up his Sneak to a ridiculous level.

The Ancient immediately revealed itself to be the Dragon King.  As the Wizard began to glide through the Veil in the direction of its Keep my Dwarf staggered out, blinking into the sunlight after 3 ill-advised turns wasted in the deep, deep Deep Cave.  Lesson: play to your strengths and don’t waste turns on unachievable objectives!

With only 7 Keywords and just 4 Nights left to go before the end I was flailing behind looking for that one last Keyword.  But it was too late...

The Half Elf turned back and smiled before entering the Dragon’s Keep and proceeded to take out the Dragon’s traps and guards.  With MZ’s Totem-elevated Sneak the mighty Dragon King didn’t stand a chance.

Final scores

ND      male dwarf knight berserk: 31VP + 7 out of 8 keywords completed.
MZ      male half elf wizard: 55VP including 20 for his Totem (Assassinated Leader and caused Uprising) and 10 for killing the Ancient Dragon King

Once again the scores proved out that I would have won on points but MZ was able to come from a losing position and steal the win in the late game.  Happy times, even if I was defeated!

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