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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Complete Castle Ravenloft Campaign Experience!

HERO LEVELLING CARDS for D&D Adventure System campaigns by Malone76:

And now the decks are up on Artscow!
Named Tiles 1
Named Tiles 2
Named Tiles 3

People want the Named tiles to really mean something and affect gameplay.  So with the help of Crimso and Autoduellist from BGG we’ve developed this deck of cards to add more random variety and theme to the Named Tiles.

You can use them along with the Chamber Decks to create random adventures for campaign play, much like Warhammer Quest.

1  All the Named tiles for WOA & CR are removed before the adventure begins and shuffled into a separate Named tile stack.
2   Named Tiles are randomly selected before the adventure, and seeded into the 'regular' tile stack based on Pary Level.  Party Level is determined by the LOWEST level hero in the party:
For Party Level 1 shuffle one Named Tile into position 1-6 in the regular tile stack
For Party Levels 2-3 shuffle one Named Tile into position 1-6 in the regular tile stack AND shuffle one Named Tile into position 7-12 in the regular tile stack
For Party Levels 4-5 shuffle one Named Tile into position 1-6 in the regular tile stack AND shuffle one Named Tile into position 7-12 in the regular tile stack AND shuffle one Named Tile into position 13-18 in the regular tile stack
3  Then add a Chamber tile at position 9-13.  For Party Levels 4-5 shuffle ONE EXTRA Chamber Tile into position 15-18
4  Each time a Named Tile is drawn, draw a card from the appropriate Named Tile deck instead of a regular encounter (even if the Named Tile has a white arrow).
5  When a Chamber is drawn, randomly draw a Chamber card as usual.

Generally this will mean the hero experiences the Named Tile Event before he actually lands on that tile, but I don't have a problem with that - I think it'll just be easier to deal with as soon as the tile is drawn than try to remember that tile for the rest of the game.

This way you'll get even more variety than the Assault on Firestorm Peak campaign adventure, plus I can really road-test our new campaign rules. And, of course, even more variety will come as more and more Chamber and Named Tile cards are added to the decks too!

Here are my current rules for campaign play:

For each level you gain +2HP, +1 AC, +1 Surge Value plus:

Level 2 = 1 new Daily
Level 3 = 1 new Utility
Level 4 = 1 new At Will
Level 5 = 1 new Daily

And the cost for levelling is:

Level 2 = 10XP (you can still level up to Level 2 using 5XP and a natural 20, but not to Level 3+)
Level 3 = 20XP
Level 4 = 30XP
Level 5 = 40XP

You have to make a note of XP between adventures though because the monster cards need shuffling back into the deck to restock the dungeon each time.

Also, no hero can reach a new Level until all Heroes have caught up to his current level, so you couldn't have a Level 5 hero in the same party as a Level 1 hero for example.

To scale the game to fit tougher heroes, you start drawing Monster Tokens (from Castle Ravenloft) instead of just placing one Monster when you draw a new tile.  Party Level is determined by the LOWEST level hero in the party:

0-3 creatures for Party Levels 1-2
1-3 creatures for Party Level 3
1-3 creatures for Party Level 4 (with minor villains mixed in)
2-3 creatures for Party Level 5 (with all villains mixed in)

Optional Encumbrance Limits

1 hero may carry 20 treasure items
2 heroes may carry 10 treasure items each
3 heroes may carry 7 treasure items each
4 heroes may carry 5 treasure items each
5 heroes may carry 4 treasure items each

You'll need to use the Treasure Tokens from Wrath of Ashardalon for best effect, buying up to three new treasures between adventures.  Shuffle the treasure decks from both games together, but when you're buying, re-draw any non-item cards.

And here are the event cards:

And here are the Chamber cards for use with Castle Ravenloft:

And if you want all the cards to have the same backs to randomise the deck completely you can use these backs instead:

And for between adventure encounters to string the campaign along you'll want the Events deck:

This is a Suggested Treasure Item price list for Castle Ravenloft fitting into the WoA Campaign Rules along with these campaign rules in a pretty format:

Here's a levelling chart for use with Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalaon or Legend of Drizzt:


Eric said...

Excellent Work!

Thank you!!!

Now we just need the Artscow dech to make it playable!

Is this in your plans?

Ninjadorg said...

Absolutely! First two decks are up already, just need to finish a few more cards to fill up three decks' worth so I'll release the links as soon as the rest are done. :)

Ninjadorg said...

And now the decks are up on Artscow!

Named Tiles 1


Named Tiles 2


Named Tiles 3


Gervader said...

Es fantastico deberia traducirlo al español como las cartas de aventura de LODR ya que es un gran trabajo y nos gustaria usarlo.

Gervader said...

Fantastico trabajo lastima que nuestro ingles no sea muy bueno, ojala estuviera en español. :-)

Ninjadorg said...

Thanks mate - translating it into Spanish would be an epic undertaking! But if someone were up to the task, maybe one day I could compile the files and get them shared somehow...

Beckikaze said...

This is incredible.

You have really tweaken up CR und WoA to the next level.

Thank your for your efforts and keep up the good work!!!

Greetings from Germany.

Ninjadorg said...

Thanks for your comments mate.
There's plenty of replay in this here campaign, and although we've got a few more bits for WOA in the works, my time is mostly going to be taken up with Fantasy Quest now. Check it out on the main page... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks for great work, this will boost the campain experience for 150%.

I have just one question - what will I receive from Artscow when I order the cards? Cards? Two sided paper prit? Sheet of papaer whit the print? Do I need to do any special set up beafore ordering, so I do not recieve some unusable junk? I have no experiecne with it. Tahnks for any ansewr! Ondrej, Prague, Czech Republic

Ninjadorg said...

Artscow will deliver a nice, official looking set of cards ready to shuffle and play. They can take a while to arrive and occasionally are very slightly misaligned but they work a treat!

Arcaril said...

do you have those files in a printing format ?

I've found some location events but not all these greats events in different crypts !

thank for all this !

but I don't know where to find them !

Ninjadorg said...

Hello mate, you should be able to find everything you need now here:


All tidied up and in one easily accessible place!

PitchBlackPrism said...

These are great, do you plan on releasing some cards for Drizzt?

PitchBlackPrism said...

These are incredible. Are you plannimg on at least a deck for Drizzt?

Ninjadorg said...

That's definitely the plan mate. Malone76 came up with these layouts so hopefully he'll do the same for Drizzt too. If not, rest assured I will.

PitchBlackPrism said...


Beckikaze said...

Ordered your decks and the DOOM coop cards. :) I am hoping for great crawling session. ;)

Btw: Do you plan to create cards for DRIZZT as well?

Ninjadorg said...

Did you mean Descent: JitD? I didn't do coop cards for Doom, although The Warp over at BGG did a great job of that by all accounts.

Drizzt encounter cards are in the works but Fantasy Quest still needs ironing out first.

Also, to clarify Malone designed the Hero Levelling cards not the events deck, and the Drizzt ones are now available on this site.

Lare said...

This is fantastic - THANK YOU!!!
Just received my CR package, and was happy yet curious about what happens after level 2. Now I know. This really helps and makes the game "complete". :)

Ninjadorg said...

No worries, Lare - I'm really chuffed that these files are still getting so much use from people outside our group. :)

Anonymous said...

First off- Thank you for creating all of this great stuff!

I have been experimenting with the campaign rules During my playing sessions I have come across a few questions that I was wondering if anyone could help me out with. Since this variant isn’t official game play- I am not necessarily looking for definitive answers, I guess I am just asking how others play it.

1.Does anyone have thoughts on XP for Villains? I have not been able to find anything on this & figured I couldn’t have been the only one who has wondered this.

2.Has anyone ever came up with a ‘reward system’ for completing an adventure?

3.When 2 team members slay a monster, and draw a Treasure ‘token’ do you normally split the treasure if it is Gold with the person who assisted in slaying the monster, or is it just whoever slays the monster keeps 100% of the G?

4.Dealing with Gold again- Do you have your group pool the gold… or does gold stay for each person. So if the wizard has 900G & at the end of the adventure draws an item worth 1000G- is he SOL, or does the Cleric be like ‘I got your back dawg’ aka lend him 100G?

5.Lastly at the end of the adventure when each player draws 3 treasure cards… how do people do this? Do you say if the cleric draws a potion, can he then buy the potion & give it to the fighter? Or do you make the 3 item draws non trade-able?

Like I said, I have just noticed a few of these things while playing & was interested in seeing how people where playing it.


Ninjadorg said...

Hi Thissiil, I'll re-post here what I posted on BGG:

1. Villain XP is equal to their level.
2. Drawing treasures and your town events is the 'reward', such as it is.
3. and 4. Pool the treasure between the party.
5. Draw 3 treasures for the whole party and split them as the party sees fit - it is a 'cooperative' game after all!

Hope this helps...


Ry said...

I realize this was posted a few years ago but I still wanted to thank you and your friends for all the hard work you put into these. And also for keeping this post and this content up all this time.

My friends and I just got CR and WoA a couple weeks ago and have been looking for ways to make it a much more campaign-like experience and the stuff you have here is great!

I have ordered the cards and I really look forward to getting them. We've also printed out a few to look at in the meantime. Awesome content! Thanks again!

Ninjadorg said...

Ry, you're most welcome, and welcome to the game! Rest assured, I won't be taking this stuff down any time soon - a lot of work went into this from the community as well.

Let us know if you have any questions, and enjoy the game. :)

bigfootjedi said...

Thank-you, Thank-You, Thank-you. The campaign content is a great addition to the game. I just received my Artscow order and they look great.

Ninjadorg said...

You're most welcome bigfootjedi - we just felt it was needed to flesh out the game and give it that proper D&D feel. Hope they work out for you.

Cavetoad said...

Thanks Ninjadorg for all your work!

I found the link for all the decks on the printerstudio Geeklist and ordered those... I presume most if not all of these are there?

I will definitely try and get in on the Killforth 2nd/new game KS in April, but for now we're having a bunch of fun with the D&D stuff, I think the geeklist had GekkoTHs stuff, but can I presume your stuff is there too? Should I just print out the character leveling stuff for simplicity?

Can't wait to check out the adventures you made too! Thanks so much!

Ninjadorg said...

Thanks Cavetoad. :)
You can still pre-order Gloom of Kilforth on my blog here:


It's due to land in May and we're running out of copies so don't miss out!
I'm not sure which geeklist you're referring to to be honest?
I just printed everything onto card and then cut and sleeved it.
Cheers, and you're most welcome!