Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd: January 2017

Monday, January 09, 2017

Most Anticipated Game(s) of 2017 - 1066 AND Gloom of Kilforth!!!

Hi guys,

Quick mini update - Gloom of Kilforth has been short-listed for 5 categories in the Most Anticipated 2017 Awards on boardgamegeek!! :D So this is where I need 5 clicks from you: Just click on Gloom of Kilforth for Overall, Crowd-funded, Cooperative, Thematic, and Fantasy. Yes, I know, 5 whole clicks, but I promise I'll love you forevs, and with you'll be done in just a few seconds... ;) 

Sadly, whilst you can do it, if you vote for other games in the same categories it will count against us, so, you know, use your best judgement.  I mean, it's all fun and games people... but it would be nice to win something, right? Let's show those other big name games who's really the boss of 2017 - Star Wars, Schmar Schmoars!!*

Listen up: whilst it's too late to impact your copies of Gloom of Kilforth, if you guys get us a top spot in any of these awards - we’ll throw a GoK promo card into 1066, Tears to Many Mothers for you for FREE I tells ya!!

AAAAANNNNDDD, speaking of those Tears... "1066, Tears to Many Mothers" - Kickstarting this year once you’ve got your copies of GoK - has also been nominated for the categories of Grognard, Crowd Funded and Political, so please please please support us by clicking on that too.  Let's be honest, 1066 funding = more GoK down the line...

* I love Star Wars... 

Gloom of Kilforth is leading in all its categories right now, so keep it up there - we don't have the budget or exposure of these other big games, so get your mates to click too!

and 1066 is already smashing the top of the Grognard charts:

Love and cuddles!

Tristan xx