Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd: April 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kick Starter project preview

So I've tentatively earmarked June this year for the KS campaign to go live.
The KS peeps say to show your project to your mates for feedback before you set it live, so who better than you guys to have a sneak peak?  Thanks in advance for your thoughts and especially to all who've contributed feedback already.
Some notes:

* The price for the game is subject to change, and we need 500 backers.
* Shipping is not yet outlined, but I have a meeting in May and we can hopefully make this EU and US friendly, not sure yet about RoW.
* The gameplay videos are not yet complete but we have plenty of time before June.
* Stretch goals aren't outlined either but will be in the form of extra cards: heroes, classes, enemies, etc.

So, obviously this is an early version, but here is the link (thanks Peter!):


Let me know your thoughts below or through the feedback feature please.


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Sublime Dark

Welcome to Blackfell.
This is not a pleasant place.
Under the perennial moonlight, waves smash against the cliffs far below, whilst on every other side the encroaching forest seems to strangle the town itself.
What is underneath this town?  What is outside this town?  Where is Blackfell exactly – and how did you get here?  Who lives in the Lighthouse and why does its beam change colour?  What’s causing that constant industrial grinding?  Where is the sun?
And why can’t you leave?
Is it purgatory?  Hell?  Something worse?
Sublime Dark will test your sanity unlike anything you have played before. 
Moonlit meetings, shadowy figures, decaying buildings, abandoned hospitals, pounding rain, and upsetting noises.

Did we mention the creatures?
The creatures of Sublime Dark are not to be trifled with – combat can be instantly fatal so you will need your wits about you, because weapons are few and far between. 
How’s your physical condition?  Because there’s only Healthy, Wounded or Dead.
You might want to try running and hiding.  There’s lots of running and hiding.
Trade your Sanity to discard a punishing State of Mind card, but watch that dwindling supply of mental health before it all disappears.  Will you go Insane?
What’s your Motivation?  Are you Good Hearted? And what of those around you? 
Is your opponent Doomed?  Are the people you meet Cowardly, Friendly, Angry?  Villainous? 
What drives you?

Drinking might help.  Or praying.  Right?  The Chapel can cure your Shock - it might be more important than a weapon to keep your Sanity safe.  And to stop you from using that weapon on yourself.
Customisable items you can level up, allies who can betray or save you, difficult decisions to make.  Have the Crucifix and a Hallowed Candle? Combine them for Sanity Protection.
You may begin the game Curious, Happy, Contented.
Soon you might be Concerned, Disturbed, Frightened.
And then the best you can hope for is Grim Determination to get you through.
Otherwise you could end up Horrified, Paranoid or Suicidal.
Joy.  Grief.  Rage.  Fear. 
You will have to manage these to survive and discover the truth about Blackfell.
Encounter the people and places of Sublime Dark, tell their stories, and create your own.
Study the clues and tell your story.  Discover the murderous cult, undead uprising, demonic summoning, or a range of other variable endings which could conclude your tale.
Face your fears and reveal your destiny.
Sublime Dark.
A semi-cooperative horror adventure game for 1-4 players.
We like it.
It might not be for you.

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