Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd: June 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Branching Paths at LCGPARIS 2012

Big shout out to Michael Hatik and all the French LOTR: LCG gamers at LCGPARIS 2012 who, whilst also play-testing FFG's new scenario Foundations of Stone, also played through my own Branching Paths scenario.  More info including photos of the event can be found here:


Looks like a great time was had by all!  :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fantasy Quest Version Update

Hello Fantasy Questererers!

Sorry about the lack of info/activity on this blog.  I've been beavering away implementing all the feedback from play-testers and from the UK Games Expo and basically the whole of Fantasy Quest has received an overhaul.  The core game play is still the same but I've revamped ALL the FQ cards and I think it's looking really good.  Here are just some of the changes I’ve already made:

1.         Sagas are now in cool, bite-sized Chapters
2.         All card numbers are larger/readable
3.         There are now Location short cuts between certain Locations where the Ancients like to hang out
4.         Locations in Gloom are now Black and white for visual clarity
5.         Encounters now include ‘balancing the leaders’ events which target either the Strongest or Weakest player
6.         A new Basic Game rule for noobs: draw 2 cards and choose which to encounter – if it’s an Enemy you must encounter it, if it’s two Enemies you must choose the higher VP value Enemy to encounter
7.         The rules have been revamped once again, including a nice turn order breakdown (BGG won’t accept it so I’ll post it on my blog soon)
8.         Search Action: you may now Encounter the same empty Location by spending one Action so you don’t have to move away and then come back if you’re searching for that elusive Keyword
9.         Fate points are now automatic successes instead of extra rolls to help get the early game moving
10.        Actions are now closer to simultaneous – players take it in turns to play individual Actions rather than taking their entire turn at once.  This was a crucial change imho – it reduces downtime, increases the race element in competitive play, and allows more tactical options for cooperative team players
11.        The iconography has been updated so it’s easy to see which cards give which rewards, and all decks have their icons on the backs for consistency and ease of use
12.        Another Basic Game rule for noobs: successes only require 4,5 or 6 instead of just 5 or 6
13.        And most importantly the Study Icon is now a ‘spell book’, instead of ‘joined hands’ which numerous play-testers thought was an alien willy...

Okay that’s a good number to stick with for now.  It’s still currently a monster of a game, with over 300 cards, tons of variety and replayability, and a great narrative structure which I think rivals all the fantasy games I’ve played.  To print it is going to kill another cartridge or two, or I suppose I could just put another seven deck order in on artscow!  And given that info - if anyone else is interested in play-testing this latest iteration of the FQ behemoth before I try and drag it down the publishing/kick-startering route, email or geekmail me and I’ll add you to the list of potential play-testers (unless I get over-subscribed again).

Here are some teasers to be going on with in the meantime: