Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd: May 2016

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Gloom of Kilforth Original Sound Track by Francesca L Hall

Hi Everybody!

May is a beautiful time, and as a great scientist once discovered, all the best people are born in May.  That’s a scientific fact, there’s no “real evidence” for it, but it’s scientific fact.  And even though my birthday sits at the arse-end of the month I’m going to give you all an early birthday present: the original musical piano score for Gloom of Kilforth by the incredibly talented Francesca L Hall is now finally complete!  We’ve put together a playlist of the album on YouTube for you to peruse at your leisure along with some official (and some not-as-official) art.  As we sat down last night with a bottle of fizzy stuff to listen to the journey in its entirety I reflected on how far we’ve come and what a great adventure it’s been, but really it hasn’t even begun for you guys yet – so please consider this your first official step into our universe.  Grab your favourite beverage, put your feet up, and immerse yourself in the Gloom:

As promised, we’ll also make the wavs available for those KS backers who request them, just send me a message to register your interest.