Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd: February 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another card tease for Fantasy Quest

Here is the officially illustrated Illusionist, a powerful ally who increases your ability to identify arcane patterns, and who offers a potent one-use ability to deal with a particularly difficult stranger.
Artwork by Anna Kryczkowska:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

1066 nominated for a Golden Geek award!

I'm not 100% sure how just yet but my game 1066, Tears to Many Mothers has been nominated into the 2014 Golden Geek awards for Best Print and Play!  Please feel free to wander over to:


And rate it a 1 for Best, or whichever number you feel is most appropriate of course...  :)
Spread the word, soldiers!



Thanks to everyone who voted - 1066 didn't win, but it was a runner up and I am delighted!  :)


Monday, February 09, 2015

Fantasy Quest Location Previews

Here are two more sneak previews of Fantasy Quest with the new official art by Roman Hodek:

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Fantasy Quest official art previews

Here are a couple of official art previews for Fantasy Quest:

The Night card back is by the awesome Roman Hodek, and the ring is by the extraordinarily talented Lorinda Tomko, whose previous credits include Kingdom Death: Monster.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Kick Starting Fantasy Quest!!

Okay guys, it's time for some broad stroke market research! Card costs are insane, and I don't have a publisher behind me, so there will have to be concessions. I also need great artists to paint the world of Kilforth, who are already lined up ready to draw you in, as it were.

I can put the game together in a cool little rigid box and lid with 234 regular/poker-sized high quality cards plus 48 mini-sized cards. Players would have to supply their own six sided dice and (gasp) print their own rules/download the pdf.

After Kickstarter and the government have taken their cut, to make it work I would need 250 backers to buy the game at $55 + shipping. That would leave us a goal of $13,750 to fund the game. 

It's higher than I'd like it to be and it sits alongside similarly priced games which have huge, established brands behind them (but less cards). But it's an independent game, a labour of love, with a tight margin.

I have great artists and printing partners lined up and ready to go, but to succeed I'd need your help spreading the word and creating a buzz with posts, blogs, shares, likes, and so on, which I have literally no right to ask you to do. But before we even get to that I have to ask you one question...

Would you be willing to pay $55 + shipping for a copy of Fantasy Quest (234 regular cards + 54 mini cards)? 

Please answer in the comments below or head over to boardgamegeek and click on the poll here: