Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd: July 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015

September for the Fantasy Quest Kick Starter launch folks!

The Prototype is on its way to me now, once it arrives in a few weeks I'll upload an unboxing video and then we're pretty much ready to go.  I can't give an exact date/time because KS have to review it first once I hit submit.  But I'm putting a small fortune into a month long BGG advertising takeover.  Jplay and Cardboard Insanity have video reviews on the way too. It's all go. So ready your wallets, and get your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc spam-share blasters ready, there's a chance that after 8 years this game will finally get the production it deserves...  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fantasy Quest - new Warrior art preview

Getting really excited for this game, and wish I could reveal more art for you now, but to be going on with, here's one more card with official artwork...


Monday, July 06, 2015

Fantasy Quest - I've got Wood!

More specifically I have wooden pawns and cubes (and plastic and cardboard tokens) now included in the game - you wanted tokens, we got them! 
So now the components breakdown is looking something like this:

210 x poker sized 2.5'' x 3.5'' (63.5mm x 89mm) cards:

25 Location cards 
4 Ancient cards 
4 Race cards 
4 Class cards 
25 Night cards 
12 Saga cards (3 for each saga) 
72 Encounter cards (18 in each of 4 types) 
64 Reward cards (16 in each of 4 types)

NB: For Card Sleeves use regular poker/gaming card sleeves.

56 x mini-sized 1.75'' x 2.5'' (44.45mm x 63.5mm) cards: 
32 Skill cards (8 in each of 4 types) 
24 Plot cards

NB: For Card Sleeves use Mayday Premium Mini Euro 50 Card Sleeves 45mm x 68mm (I've checked and they're snug but they do have a little give at the top).

1 x A5 rules booklet (24 pages)

1 x Large Square Game Box (5.5" x 10.5" x 2")

4 x 14mm plastic 6 sided dice

13 x plastic tokens :

12 plastic Enemy tokens (3 for each hero) 
1 plastic First Hero marker 

48 x cardboard Loot tokens

4 x Wooden hero pawns

140 x 10mm wooden cubes:

16 Blue Fate wooden cubes
4 Green Hidden wooden cubes
32 Yellow Gold wooden cubes
32 Black Action Point wooden cubes 
32 Red Health Point wooden cubes
24 White Obstacle wooden cubes

To include all this it's going to take the cost to $50 per game with $25 shipping worldwide. We are also going to need 1,000 backers to hit funding. Think we can do this, peeps?? We're approaching 500 Likes on Facebook so keep spreading the word and huge thanks to those of you already doing this! 

Games will be posted individually from Hong Kong and my printer assures me that EU VAT and duty is taken care of in the pricing (having ordered from them before I can confirm that I wasn't charged any extra VAT or duty to the UK).

We're going to stick with the longer Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game for the title as it's legally sound - but feel free to refer to it as Fantasy Quest (I will; plus I'm fairly certain I had the name before that ******* app).

I personally can't wait so I'm going to pay for tooling and order a prototype for myself before I launch the kick starter so I can upload a video for you (and I!) to see what you actually get.

Did I mention I've got wood?